Governance Structure

Leadership and Staff Composition

At GRAHN-ARCAHAIE, our governance is presided over by the esteemed Rev. Tristan Jn-Francois, who along with his dedicated staff ensures the effective management of our projects. The office consists of:

  • A Treasurer responsible for financial oversight
  • A Secretary to manage administrative tasks
  • Two advisors who provide strategic guidance

Technical Recruitment

As projects demand, we enhance our team with specialized technical roles:

  • For health projects, a Physician Consultant joins the committee to provide expert medical insights.
  • In public works projects, such as construction or repair, we engage an Architect or Civil Engineer to oversee, supervise, and execute tasks, ensuring high standards are maintained.
  • Agricultural initiatives are supported by an Agronomist from our Technical Service department, contributing essential expertise for successful agricultural development.

Quality Assurance

To maintain the integrity and quality of our projects, an Inspector General is appointed for each project. This role is crucial for the monitoring and final acceptance of projects, ensuring all works meet the required standards and regulations before being received from contractors or concessionaires.

This structured approach to governance ensures that GRAHN-ARCAHAIE operates with efficiency, professionalism, and accountability across all our initiatives.

Financial Transparency

At GRAHN-ARCAHAIE, we believe in the utmost transparency and accountability in our financial operations. To ensure our donors and stakeholders are well-informed, we have dedicated this section to outline the management and allocation of funds.

Funds Collection and Allocation

  • Collection: All funds raised through donations, grants, and fundraising events are meticulously recorded and deposited into our designated accounts. Our Treasurer oversees the collection process to ensure accuracy and security.
  • Allocation: Funds are allocated according to the specific needs of our ongoing projects in education, healthcare, and agriculture. Each project’s budget is carefully planned and approved by our Leadership team to guarantee that every dollar contributes to meaningful impact.

Expenses and Disbursements

  • Recording Expenses: We maintain detailed records of all expenses incurred during the implementation of our projects. This includes procurement of materials, payments to service providers, and operational costs.
  • Disbursement of Funds: The disbursement of funds is conducted under strict guidelines to ensure that expenditures align with our organizational goals and project requirements. The Inspector General reviews and approves all disbursements to confirm compliance with our standards and the intended use of funds.

Reporting and Accountability

We commit to regular reporting of our financial activities.

Our financial reports are available to our donors and the general public, providing a transparent overview of how funds are being used to drive change in Arcahaie and beyond.

We welcome any inquiries regarding our financial practices. Please contact us at for further information or to request detailed reports.

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