who we are

About GRAHN-Arcahaie

GRAHN-Arcahaie is a non-profit organization under the GRAHN (Groupe de Réflexions et d’Actions pour une Haïti Nouvelle) umbrella, dedicated to driving grassroots development in the Arcahaie region of Haiti. Rooted in the teachings of Haitian ancestors and cooperative spirit.

Our mission

To inspire and enable Haitian individuals to become engines of positive change within their communities, while deterring overreliance on external assistance or aid.
To uphold the principles enshrined in Haiti’s bicolor flag and the nation’s cooperative spirit, promoting holistic growth across social, cultural, and patriotic dimensions.

Our vision

As principled and determined Haitians, our vision transcends the corrupting influences that pervade society. We present an alternative path for rising generations – one of self-sufficiency, ethical conduct, and service to the collective good. Through diligent work and moral fortitude, we aim to build a strong, erudite society rooted in equity and just distribution of state resources.

Our story

GRAHN-Arcahaie’s origins are deeply intertwined with the arrival of the Brothers of Christian Instruction in 1933 to establish Arcahaie’s first congregational school. This historic institution has nurtured generations of Haitian citizens and leaders across all sectors. In commemoration of its centennial in 2033

who we are

Historical Significance

GRAHN-Arcahaie draws inspiration from the heroic Haitian soldiers who fought for American independence at the Siege of Savannah in 1779. More than 500 Haitian volunteers, both free and enslaved, joined the American colonial forces to help break the British siege. Their brave contribution, which saw over 200 Haitian casualties, underscored Haiti’s enduring legacy as a vanguard for liberty across nations.

In remembrance of these Haitian freedom fighters, GRAHN-Arcahaie upholds the same unwavering spirit of courage, solidarity and sacrifice in the pursuit of self-determination for the Haitian people. Their valorous actions at the Battle of Savannah serves as an enduring source of pride and motivation.

What we Do

Our primary causes

At GRAHN-Arcahaie, our mission is to empower Haitian individuals and communities to drive their own path towards sustainable development and prosperity. We believe that true and lasting progress stems from cultivating an ethos of self-reliance, cooperation, and patriotism – values deeply rooted in Haiti’s historical struggle for independence.

Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security

Haiti’s road to self-sufficiency is intertwined with revitalizing its agricultural sector. We work hand-in-hand with local farmers to promote eco-friendly farming practices, share agricultural training and resources, and develop supporting infrastructure. Bolstering sustainable agriculture ensures long-term food security and economic stability for all Haitians.

Education & Youth Empowerment

We are committed to breaking the cycle of dependency by investing in Haiti’s greatest asset – its youth. Through initiatives that improve access to quality education, enhance teacher training, and provide modern learning resources, we aim to nurture the next generation of innovative thinkers, entrepreneurs, and nation-builders. An educated populace is key to unlocking Haiti’s vast potential.

Community Health & Wellbeing

Recognizing that a healthy nation is a prosperous nation, we prioritize improving healthcare access and standards across Haiti’s communities. Our efforts focus on building and refurbishing medical facilities, providing essential supplies and equipment, and upskilling healthcare professionals. By strengthening this crucial backbone, we pave the way for a vibrant, productive society.

Through this three-pronged approach targeting education, healthcare, and agriculture, we address the fundamental building blocks required for Haiti’s holistic development. However, our efforts extend beyond projects alone – we aim to rekindle the unshakable determination that led Haiti to become the first Black Republic in 1804. Drawing strength from our ancestors’ relentless pursuit of liberty, we are reigniting that same revolutionary spirit to uplift Haiti through collective action and self-empowered change.

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