1933-2033: 100 Years of Education

Centenary Celebration and Future Vision

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Brothers of Christian Instruction’s arrival in the City of the Flag and the construction of their first school, which has educated generations of citizens, some of whom have achieved significant positions in their lives, both in Haiti and abroad, the GRAHN/ARCAHAIE (Groupe de Réflexions et d’Action pour une Haïti Nouvelle) invites you to contribute to the restoration and future of this historic institution.


Restoring the Past, Shaping the Future

After withstanding the challenges of time and weather, the school building now requires refurbishment to continue its mission of educating future generations.
The GRAHN/ARCAHAIE, in consultation with the Centenary Committee, calls upon all alumni, both within Haiti and abroad, to open their hearts and wallets to support the restoration of this cherished institution.

Objectives and Vision

Training the Next Generation of Educators

GRAHN/ARCAHAIE plans to recruit and train 18-24 young individuals aspiring to pursue careers in education. These Master Trainers will receive training from the Masters of the GRAHN/World University Center at the ISTEAH University Campus in Genipa Iller, Miot, Northern Haiti. Upon completion of their training, they will be placed at the New School of the Brothers to teach the first six fundamental years.

Equipping the Classrooms

Classrooms will be outfitted with electronic equipment, including solar panels, to facilitate distance learning through platforms like Zoom or Teams. This will ensure that students have access to the latest educational resources and technologies.

Establishing a Second University of Knowledge

GRAHN/ARCAHAIE aims to maintain the patriotic momentum generated by the current conditions in Haiti and encourage various sectors of society to contribute to the creation of a second “University of Knowledge” in the City of Arcahaie.

Join Us

Join us in this historic endeavor to honor the past and pave the way for a brighter future through education. Your contribution will help restore the school building, train future educators, and establish a new center of learning in Arcahaie.

The Chance to Shape Haiti’s Future

Your generosity restores historic institutions and builds new centers of learning.
Together, we inspire generations through education, perseverance, and progress.

Join our mission. Volunteer, make a donation, advocate. Start today